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My first Day in College!!

College, Fun, Occasions, Personal - 6 Comments » - Posted on August, 7 at 5:09 pm

Ok the first day till 11:00 AM was turning out to be dead boring coz it was orientation day and teachers were coming, taking our intro, telling about discipline, course books, marking scheme, etc etc.

Then came the seniors and ragging started… dont ask!! Just we were ragged. And we have been given a dress code by seniors: White Shirt with third button from top Red, Black Pant with NO belt else it will be strapped to neck like a dog and Hawaii Chappals..

Oh and wenevr we see seniors, we have to bow at 90 degrees and then wish them and we must travel in the last Coach of the metro near the last door!!!

I will try to post a pic of mine asap in my ***COOL*** dress. :mrgreen:
And by the way Happy Rakshabandhan to all.

6 Responses to “My first Day in College!!”

  1. Manas says:
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    Made me remember my good old first year at college.
    We used to hide from our seniors in the labs. :mrgreen:

  2. Internet Explorer 6.0 Windows XP

    Right man , it certainly brings back the memories . But at least Shwetz is Lucky . Being a hosteler , i was ragged even at 2 in the night .

  3. Rahul Gupta says:
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    In this case , I was lucky . I never get ragged coz I am a localite and was already knowing many of my seniors.
    And now when I have reached my final year , I have never ragged anyone till date. I just dont like ragging.

  4. harry says:
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    college is fun…! enjoy :D

    btw nice blog!

  5. eggman says:
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    In which college are you? Which Course